Register the baby

Register the baby

To register a baby into the system, you must open the add a baby function, you have two options:

- It opens by itself when you start the application; Or

- You go to the list of babies and click on the ADD button.

Note: the list of babies is available from the menu. The menu appears when you swipe the screen from left to right or click on the Plagio icon at the top left of the screen.

How to register a baby

You must enter his/her first name, last name, gender and date of birth, then click the OK button.

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- The surname and first name make it possible to identify the child.

- Date of birth and gender are required as some photo analysis results depend on it.

- To enter the date of birth, click on the icon representing a calendar.

- Once a photo of the baby's skull has been analyzed, it is no longer possible to update the baby's date of birth or gender.

Profile picture

If you wish, you can take a picture of the baby's face. This photo appears in the list of babies. To do this, once the other information has been entered, tap on the photo at the bottom right.

Once the photo is taken, you can rotate it by tapping on it or resume it by long pressing on it.

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- The OK button updates the baby's data. If the baby did not exist, the system registers the baby.

- The CANCEL button cancels the last changes made to the baby's data.

- The DELETE button deletes the baby record provided there is no associated baby skull photo.

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