How to purchase a test

Why do we need to purchase a test in Plagio

You can use all the functionalities of Plagio without buying anything. You can record a baby, take a picture of his/her skull, analyse the picture or change the settings of the application.

However to be able to see the values for the calculated indices, you need to purchase a test inside the application.

But first let see how you can install Plagio.

How to install Plagio

Nothing is more simple.  Open Google Play, select Plagio then install it on you android cellphone.


  • Plagio needs you to have at least the version x of Android installed on your smartphone.
  • Your cellphone must have a camera

Purchase a test


In order to visualise or print the results of the analyses, you need to purchase tests.

In fact, you buy periods of usages.

The system will display all the results for all the pictures taken during the period of time you bought.

In other words you will be able to see all the results for all the pictures that you will take during this period of time , it doesn't matter how many pictures are taken and the babies who are taken in picture.

There are two types of period of times, and therefore two types of things you can buy into Plagio:

  • The day
  • A 4 months follow-up period of time

 The day

We all know that a child can move when taking the picture. He/She can also may not be available when you want to take the picture. This is why we offer indeed two days for you to use the application.

If you have never used Plagio, We advise you  to first familiarise with its functionalities, to do some test, to take and analyse some pictures and when you think  you are ok you can buy a day package and visualise the results or take new pictures.

 A 4 months follow-up period of time

Benign positional plagiocephaly is the result of a restricted growth process. It is especially noticeable after a growth of about two months. Moreover, it is difficult (but not impossible) to intervene on a child after the age of 6 months. Consequently the interventions to correct the issue will take place between the age of 2 months and the age of 6 months. Plagio is usefull to monitor the progress during this period of time.  That's why we thought of offering you also a 4-month package.

For healthcare professionals, the 4-month package gives you the opportunity to assess your patients over the course of 4 months, however numerous they may be and however often they visit.


The table below is presented for information only.

 As the purchase is made in the application using Google Play, the prices of the products are those indicated by Google Play.

One test

Test your child once


1 day of usage

  • As many pictures as you want for 1 day
  • Unlimited babies
  • Unlimited usage for 1 day

Follow-up the evolution of the plagiocephaly


4 months of usage

  • 4 months unlimited usage
  • Unlimited babies
  • Perfect to follow the evolution of your child
  • Perfect for professionals

How to shop in Plagio

View Screenshot

  1. Click on the Plagio icon at the top left or swipe the screen from left to right to open the menu.
  2. Click Buy to open the purchase function
  3. Click the BUY button
  4. The system establishes the connection with Google Play. If the connection does not work, check your internet connection and try again
  5. To Be done ...