Print a report

When at least one baby has been registered in the system, and a test has been done, it is possible to print a report. The print function opens from the menu.

Note: The menu appears when you swipe the screen from left to right or tap on the Plagio icon at the top left of the screen.

How to print

Baby Selection

When you open the print function, it presents the list of all photos (tests) associated with the last baby you worked with.

If this is not the desired child, go to the list of babies, select the child you are interested in then return to the print function.

Then select the photo(s) you want to print. then tap the PRINT button

View Report Screenshot

What to print

Select the element(s) which must make up the report to be printed, then choose the printing mode.

  • OPEN PDF will show you the report through your device's PDF application.
  • PRINT will use your device's print function to print the document.
  • VIEW will show the report through a Plagio specific function.

print parameters

print parameters