Plagio Privacy Policy

We are very proud to keep all your personal information private when you are using Plagio. You will see how we manage this policy hereafter.

Data Storage

The data managed by Plagio are stored only on your cell phone. Before storing them on the cell phone they are also encrypted. The data includes the name, the gender and the date of birth of the baby, They also includes the pictures of the face or skull and the indices calculated by the system.

Application data

When you connect to Plagio, in order for us to understand better how the system is used, it might send us an email specifying the type of cell phone you are using as well as the number of records stored in the database.

We have no way to identify you or your child. However,  if you are not comfortable with this functionality, you can at any time disconnect it (see Settings). 

Printed Data

Of course, all the data related to the tests can be printed or emailed to you but it is done only at your explicit request. ( see How to print data).

Data Deletion

Of course at any time you can delete the data using the system or uninstall the application which will delete the local database.

Access to Plagio

As  you can see the only way to consult your personal data is to have access to your phone and from there to Plagio. However you can, if you want, implement more security by adding a password to the access to Plagio. (see Settings). 

Plagio Development Team