System access

System access rules

Once the system is installed on your device, you can access it without any security.

Enable Access restriction

However, if you want you can restrict the access to the system. In this case only specific users will be able to access it using a password.

To enable this function, the related security parameter in the settings must be set to Yes.

Define users

Once this is done, a function is added to the menu allowing you to define users.

The menu appears when you swipe the screen from left to right or tap on the Plagio icon at the top left of the screen. View Menu Screenshot

A user is identified with a code and a verified email address is attached to the user.

To verified the address, an email is sent to the email address. This email contains the initial password for the user.

The user code admin has to be verified and can create more user codes if necessary. It cannot be deleted.

Access the system

The user has to connect to the system using this password in order to start the actual restriction of the access to the system. In order words, after the user connected to the system using this password, it will be necessary to indicate a user code and a password to access the system and this as long as the security parameter is set to Yes.

Password forgotten

If when entering the system you cannot remember the password associated with your user code, the system will send an email to the email address associated with your user code. this email will contain a new password.

User code forgotten

If you cannot remember the user code, use admin as a user code and the email will be sent to the associated email address. The admin user will therefore be able to enter the system using the admin code and check what was your code.